Hiking Trails In Stilbaai

Hiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In Stilbaai
Hiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In Stilbaai

Hiking Trails In Stilbaai

The following hiking trails are in the Stilbaai area:



This trail follows the western shore of the Goukou River between the jetty/ launching area and the harbour, including the stream from the Information centre. The trail can be started from the Info centre, the harbour or the jetty. This route is paved most of the way and is fairly level. Bird watching and nature can be enjoyed along this scenic route. Approximately 2km each way.



These hiking trails criss-cross the entire nature reserve and can be started from the whale watching point near the harbour as well as the parking areas at Morris Point and at the parking area near the fish traps. These trails follow the contours of the dunes and require a reasonable amount of fitness. One of the highlights of the walk is the amazing milk wood tree forests. Birds, and if you are lucky bushbuck, grysbok, otters and mongoose can be spotted along these routes. Take own water and snacks. Between 2 and 6 km. Wear walking shoes and hats.



This is a coastal trail between Stilbaai and Jongensfontein, starting from Morris Point and ending up at the caravan park in Jongensfontein. Care must be taken to walk this trail at low tide as it can become dangerous with higher tides. Beautiful rock pools, fynbos, birds and small animals can be enjoyed. For the season swimmer there are beautiful rock pools to swim in on the way. Take own water and snacks, sun block, camera and wear hiking shoes and hat. Approximately 11km. It is suggested that you leave a car at the finishing end for your return.



This is a large reserve and has several trails on it. Birding, flowers, scenery and wild life can be enjoyed on these walks. Don’t forget to take along your camera, water bottle and snacks. Most of the trails are on fairly level ground, those nearer the river are steeper, good walking shoes required. There are beehives in the reserve and care must be taken to avoid annoying the bees. There are trails of various lengths, anything from 1 hour to the whole day. Hat and sun block recommended.



Self issue permits are available at the gate. The trail goes in a loop towards the east and returns via the coast. This trail can be fairly challenging, and is not very well marked. Take along water, snacks, binoculars and camera and wear hiking shoes, hat and sun block. Approximately 3 hours.



This is a private nature reserve and is situated about 20km up the Goukou River. For further details contact Dr Janet Naude at 072 448 0604.

Where applicable, regulations are posted at entrance points. General rules regarding nature conservation and consideration for fellow hikers are valid for all routes.


Article Courtesy Of Stilbaai Tourism

Hiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In StilbaaiHiking Trails In Stilbaai